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Colour Chart - Yellow

The purpose of this colour chart is to provide a guide to the various colours available and assist you in selecting the right gemstone. Please remember that all this material is natural and as such colours can vary slightly to what is shown and often there is very little difference between colours. Therefore when I select a piece of rough I try to match the colours as closely as possible to what is shown here but slight variations must be allowed for. Coloured gemstones often have "zones" of colour and this can also influence the degree of saturation of the colour in a given gemstone.

Each gemstone is unique!

Yellow - Citrine

Stone : Citrine
Code : Y1
Comments : A rich dark "madeira" colour.

Stone : Citrine
Code : Y2
Comments : A rich "rio grande" colour.

Stone : Citrine
Code : Y3
Comments : A rich "golden" colour.

Stone : Citrine
Code : Y4
Comments : A rich "golden" colour.

Stone : Citrine
Code : Y5
Comments : Classic citrine colour.

Stone : Citrine
Code : Y6
Comments : "Honey" colour.

Stone : Citrine
Code : Y6
Comments : Some more "Honey" colour.

Stone : Citrine
Code : Y7
Comments : A light "lemon" yellow.

Stone : Citrine
Code : Y8
Comments : A pale yellow / "lemon" yellow.

Yellow - Smokey Citrine

* This material sort of sits in between citrine (yellow) and smokey quartz (grey/black) and blends the two very nicely.

Stone : Smokey Citrine
Code : Y9
Comments : A nice rich blend of smokey golden yellow leaning more towards the smokey.

Stone : Smokey Citrine
Code : Y10
Comments : A nice rich blend of smokey golden yellow.

Stone : Smokey Citrine
Code : Y11
Comments : A nice blend of smokey yellow.

Yellow - Beryl

Stone : Golden Beryl
Code : Y12
Comments : Nice golden yellow beryl.

Stone : Yellow Beryl
Code : Y13
Comments : A nice yellow colour.

Yellow - Zircon

Stone : Zircon
Code : Y14
Comments : A honey yellow coloured zircon.






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