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My Grading System

Natural Blue Topaz, OctaDome #8 - The Moroccan, O'Briens Creek, Mt Surprise, Australia, #104 Each gemstone I sell has been graded to indicate its clarity. I use a simplified system which I will explain here.

EC = Eye Clean

This is the best grade that I will give a stone. It means that with the naked eye the gemstone appears to be clean with no visible inclusions or flaws.

It is possible that there might be very minute inclusions which I simply have not seen. In the industry there is one higher grade : Loupe Clean. This is using a special X10 magnifying glass to inspect the stone and finding no inclusions or flaws.

VSI = Very Slightly Included

I usually apply this grading to a gemstone if it has only one or two very small/minor inclusions. This is usually a single spot, bubble, needle or veil that is almost impossible to see under normal conditions. The overall beauty of the gemstone is not affected at all.

SI = Slightly Included

This gemstone may have slightly more minor inclusions. None of them detract from the overall beauty of the stone in a noticable manner. Generally these inclusions would be hard to detect once the stone has been set.

I = Included

An included gemstone has multiple inclusions of the same or varied type. These are noticable and must be considered. Setting the stone will not hide the inclusions.






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